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How do you care for your wooden plates?

Wipe down after use with a warm soapy cloth or scrubber and rinse. Do not fully submerge and allow to completely air dry vertically before putting away. After several uses, the wax moisture barrier we applied may wear.  If this occurs simply use a piece of fine grit (400-600) sandpaper and smooth out any rough spots. Wipe clean and rub a small amount of natural oil into the wood. Allow to dry before use and apply wood wax if desired. To disinfect and remove stains, rub some coarse sea salt and lemon juice into the wood.  Allow to sit for 5 min, then rinse. A white vinegar/warm water rinse or baking soda scrub can also assist with removing stains. Our plates are not meant for use with dishwasher or microwave.


What kinds of materials do you use and where are they sourced?

We use Canadian Sugar Maple for all of our plates.  This particular Maple is from Eastern Canada.  We also use some small amounts of Black Walnut for our X's & O's pieces and Mountain Stacking Puzzle.  The majority of the Walnut is also from Eastern Canada.  To cure our plates we use organic, food-safe Hemp oil from hemp seeds grown in Alberta and Saskatchewan.  The seeds are cold pressed into an oil here in British Columbia.  The beeswax we currently use is from a company called Honey Candles in Kalso, British Columbia and has been filtered through charcoal to remove even the smallest of impurities.  This filtration process produces a beautiful white pearl wax.  We then melt the wax down and add hemp oil and organic lemon essential oil to create our Wood Wax.


Why Maple Wood?

The Sugar Maple trees that grow in Eastern Canada endure very harsh winters and temperatures drop well below zero for months at a time.  This hardens the tree and the result is a very dense, tight-grained wood which makes it ideal for plate production.  We have experimented with Western Maple and it was not suitable for our plates as it had a looser grain and was too light.  Maple wood, by nature, is antibacterial and will not crack like bamboo for example. And let's face it, it's beautiful to look at and work with!


Can I purchase plates before or after a release?

We have decided to do things a little different in 2020 and offer only 4 releases; Wed Feb 12, Thurs May 14, Wed Aug 12 and Wed Nov 18.  This allows us time to build stock and offer new products for a short period of time without having to play catch up all year.  All products offered during the release dates will be ready to ship within 2-3 days.  If you order a product with custom engraving, please allow 4-5 days before the product is shipped.  Unfortunately, we will not offer products for sale in between release dates.  Each release will be open for 7 days.  This is a first come first serve basis and once a product is sold out it won't be offered until the next release.  


Can I purchase Timber Child Lifestyle products from anywhere else?

We no longer offer a wholesale program. Sorry!


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